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Specifications Gathering

Requirement Analysis

A "Joint Application Development" (JAD) session is a structured approach to capture user requirements. Sometimes input and resolution from multiple User groups are required for a solution to be effectively created and deployed. We have successfully used this approach for over 10 years to define, resolve and prioritize.

A successful systems implementation requires:

  • A clear Project Scope

  • Analysis of business procedures and strategies

  • Defined data and process interfaces

  • Reporting requirements

Who participates in a JAD Session?

Business Process Owner
– this is the one person from your organization who has overall responsibility for this business or technical process being reviewed and who has the authority to speak for the specific areas or departments.
Subject Matter Experts - Those managers and users who have a direct stake in the success of the system and who have the knowledge of the business process being reviewed.
JAD Facilitator - A VIGILUS person whose primary objective is to keep the JAD session on focus and moving towards decisions and resolutions.
JAD Scribe/Technical Expert - A VIGILUS person who will document the decisions, issues, etc. that are generated from this meeting. This person is responsible for developing the requirement deliverable for this JAD session.


The output of a JAD session is a requirements document that will serve as a proposal and a project plan for the envisioned project work.

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