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Customize your CRM Application

CRM Enhancements

Whether your organizastion is using VMobile or ACT! for Notes they are an application and a "Framework" that is not specific to one particular industry. It can be used by any organization that has the desire to stay competitive in today's marketplace.

For some organizations, the "out-of-box" functionality has served their unique business requirements very well.

Other organizations have requirements that may not be "native" to VMobile or ACT! for Notes.  Examples of these customizations include:

  • Adding addional fields for Reporting requirements

  • Brand with your corprpate colors and logos

  • Modifying or Adding Forms

  • Integration with other applications

  • Leads Processing

  • Samples Processing

  • Project/Resource Management

  • Archive Management (see more)

  • Attachment Management (see more)
  • Mobilization

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