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App Health Check

Health Check

your CRM application has been deployed, there is, as with all automated systems, the on-going challenge to ensure data security, data quality and consistency as well as database performance.

During our installation health checks we review...

  • Reporting - Garbage in Garbage out.  Is data being entered in a uniform way?

  • Doc counts Vs DB size - Does the ratio make sense?  An application can grow in size do other factors then just the amount of Contacts in the system.  Maybe there are many attachments for example.

  • Access Control settings -  Do your users have the correct rights to the system?

  • User Docs settings - Are your users configured correctly so they can use the system in the way they need to?

  • Preferences settings - Is the application configured as a whole correctly?  Are the proper db settings in place?

  • Stored searches Are the same searches being created and stored or are your users leveraging each others work?

  • Identify “work-arounds” - Do you think you are using the system correctly?  Maybe your users think they are but are not.  

  • Broadcast Emails and other Mass mailing templates -  Are there old templates that can be removed?  

  • Pop-ups Is your solution configured so that users can select Pop ups instead of keying in their own values?

  • Required and Preffered fields - programatically set rules on specific fields that need to be filled out before a user is allowed to SAVE/Exit a form in the system

  • EMAIL and Calendar settings - does your organization use Notes Db's but use OUTLOOK for Email and Calendar? Make sure the VMobile email settings reflect whether your are on Notes or Outlook email and calendar

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