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Administration Training

Software without focused training leads to lost investments and time! No two CRM deployments are the same. A cookie- cutter approach to training will invariably yield mediocre results, at best.

Administration training equips your technical and support resources so that the end-user can quickly get "up to speed" and not concern themselves with the administrative duties.

This is a "hands-on" and intensive session that teaches the database administrators and "power users" how to set up and configure AFN.

Deploying CRM can be complex because of all the variables. In many cases, when the end user thinks there is a problem with the system, it turns out that there is something wrong with the way the application was configured during the implementation phase.

There is a saying that we use quite often..."Computers are not smart. They do what they are programmed to do, not what you want them to do."


We offer this session, both on-site and over the Internet.

We like to keep this class to a maximum of 5 students. Topics include:

  • Security set up & Maintenance

  • Creation of User documents and associated rights

  • Utilities Groups Populating the pop-up documents

  • Defining User fields and User labels

  • Change Control of Database

  • Replication schemes

  • Setting up selective replication

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