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MergedAnalytics: Frequently Asked Questions:

For more information regarding MergedAnalytics...please visit our NEW website that is dedicated to ALL things MergedAnalytics.

Question 1
.         Does MergedAnalytics use Cookies to track site visitor activity?

MergedAnalytics Response
:  NO!!!!   MergedAnalytics does NOT use cookies.  This is a good thing because in the UK, EU and Canada they really frown upon the use of 3rd party cookies like the type used by Google Analytics.  If we did use cookies you would have to have a disclaimer on your website and you really do not want to have a disclaimer that warns people about clicking through your website.

Question 2
.        Does MergedAnalytics collect and/or use the data that we provide our users?

MergedAnalytics Response:
NO!!!!  MergedAnalytics does not collect or use ANY data that is collected from the website visits.  That information is for our customers ONLY.

Question 3
.        How is MergedAnalytics different from Google Analytics?

MergedAnalytics Response :
 This actually is the most frequently asked question we get regarding MergedAnalytics.

First off....Google Analytics (GA) is NOT a competitor of MergedAnalytcs
.  We see MergedAnalytics as a complimentary tool to GA.  We try to provide information that GA does not give you.

tracks ALL visitors.   

sends PROACTIVE Automated Email Site Reports.  So the reports come directly to you as people click through your website....with GA you have to log into it first and go after the information you desire.  Not to mention for the average person...GA is not that easy to use and navigate through. Also...GA uses Cookies to track stuff.  As I mentioned above...MergedAnalytics  does NOT use cookies ever.

Question 4.
       How does MergedAnalytics know for sure what company visited your website?

MergedAnalytics Response:
The key to MergedAnalytics is ...we capture the IP address.  Our code takes the IP address of the visitors and runs it against many sites to give you with almost 100 percent certainty what company that ip address belongs to.

Question 5.
       Does MergedAnalytics provide individual names with email addresses?

MergedAnalytics Response :
YES.....depending on how you are set up....this can be achieved.

Question 6.
  How do we charge for MergedAnalytics?

MergedAnalytics Response :
 MergedAnalytics is charged on a monthly subscription basis.  We charge per domain.  

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