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Microsoft Office Integration

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Create Office documents with ACT! for Notes data

Create Office Document

ACT! for Notes with SWING Integrator enables you to produce highly formatted, professional documents with Notes data in MS Office. From a Notes form or view, a user selects an Office template, and ACT! for Notes populates the document fields and properties with corresponding Notes data, according to the Template Setup document. Have you ever tried to achieve a degree of fine layout control and accurate printing required for business forms and documents? Complex tables, positioning images, or headers and footers might be an issue in Notes, but not in Word. (see how)

Rich Text E-Mails from Office Template with ACT! for Notes data

Now create a Personalized Rich Text E-mail from an MS Word template. All the Word formatting customized with ACT! for Notes data with a couple of clicks of the mouse! ( see how )

Create and email PDFs


Convert to PDF - Office documents created by ACT! for Notes can be converted to PDF with a single click, and optionally attached to an email. In addition, you can create a PDF document directly from Notes data. ( see how)

E-Mail a PDF - ACT! for Notes gives you several one step short cuts for creating and emailing a PDF. Although Office templates are used in the background, users see only the resulting PDF.
From a Saved Office Document ( see )
Directly from a Contact or Opportunity ( see how)
Enclosed in a Broadcast E-Mail as a Personalized PDF ( see )

Mail merge letters and labels with ACT! for Notes data

Mail Merge

Easily merge an MS Word template with contact data from ACT! for Notes (see how). Print serial letters and mailing labels.

Report and analyze ACT! for Notes data with Excel

Pivot Table

Transform any ACT! for Notes view into Excel reports and charts. Take advantage of advanced features in Excel such as PivotTables, conditional styling, and drilldown to analyze Notes data from your applications. Enable business users to create reusable report layouts ( see how).

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