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Maintenance and Support


Maintenance and Support

Software maintenance and support are facts of life. Whether we have engineered your modifications into ACT! for Notes, other Notes applications or whether you have initially installed AFN with no changes or enhancements, small tweaks and enhancements will be needed, over time, to adapt to the ever-changing environment in which we all conduct business on a day to day basis.

We offer comprehensive and extremely cost-effective "Contracted Support & Maintenance" to address these real-world needs. We utilize a Web tool, "Sametime" extensively for:

  • Remote viewing of problems in your workstation/environment ("works here" is not what you need to hear!)
  • Training
  • Coaching of your Staff

The Contracted Support & Maintenance service covers the following:

  • Minor (non-project) Revisions to AFN, or non-AFN Databases - This is a very cost-effective way of maintaining and upgrading AFN and other Notes applications over time at a fixed monthly cost.
  • AFN & Notes Consulting - Investigation of problems and recommendations for resolution for the applications.
  • Telephonic Support - Hours are 9 - 5 EST. There is usually someone in the office; however, if not, we will return all calls within one business day.
  • 24 Hour Email Support - We never sleep at Vigilus :)
  • Remote Training - We offer extended remote training sessions. In some cases, a single session will address the need. In other cases, several sessions may be required. Depending on the need, a traditional phone call may suffice. In other situations, a training session will be conducted using one of the web-based meeting tools, such as "Sametime" or WebEX. This allows all participants to see what is being discussed, rather than just describing a problem, process or solution.
  • Other Notes consulting services that are needed

Professional Fees & Rate Schedule
We offer annual or semi-annual support contracts. Pricing is based on contract duration.

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