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ACT! for Notes End User Training

Software without focused training leads to lost investments and time! No two ACT! for Notes deployments are the same. A cookie-cutter approach to training will invariably yield mediocre results, at best.

We believe that a training session be truly successful only by understanding your unique environment.

We do not believe in imposing new business processes and methodologies to support the software. Rather, we learn what your needs are, how you are currently doing business and then incorporate this knowledge into your training plan so that your users will be most efficient and effective with their day-to-day challenges.

We will conduct one or more interviews, before we hold our sessions, with key players to:

  • Understand the current situation and why you implemented the solution
  • Understand your training expectations and requirements
  • Get a sense of the day-to-day activities of your end users
  • Understand their expectations on what problems this solution is solving for them
  • Understand the terminology that is used in your organization
  • Understand the skill set of the end users
  • Review our Training Syllabus and refine it so that it reflects your needs

Based on input from our interviews with you, we will tailor the training sessions to maximize how our solutions will make an immediate impact in your organization.


End User training is a full day session. We like to keep our class to a maximum of 15 students per class.
We conduct these sessions
in person at your offices in a networked class-room or remotely over the web.

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