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BizMobile Unique Features

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BizMobile Unique Features

  • ACT! for Notes– and all its data – reside locally on the device, 100% “Off-Line” Functionality – regardless of wireless coverage.

  • Tremendous Data Storage. Patent-pending compression technology lets you securely store a 100mb data set using just 10MB of device space. This is 200x more data than any other solution!

  • Rapid navigation and sub-second response time.

  • E-mails and phone calls can be automatically logged into contact history/records.

  • Rapid Implementation. Packaged functionality speeds deployment time and controls cost.

  • Mobility Management Server. BizMobile also comes complete with a management server enableing system administrators to easily deploy and manage all aspects of the application usage through one console, including the ability to lock the application and data remotely.

  • Industry-leading Lease Key Technology. That means that your data is secure, even if the device connectivity is disabled. You set the length of time for which the encryption key is valid. When the lease expires, the application and data are in accessible until the device connectivity is re-established and a new key is obtained.

See a demo of BizMobile. Call 203-312-9675 or Contact Us.

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