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BizMobile Key Features

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Key Features

Create and edit Company, Contact, Activity, Note and Opportunity documents.
Virtually all of the same ACT! for Notes information available on your desktop can now be entered, viewed and updated on your BlackBerry device.

Calendar Integration with Lotus Notes Mail.
If you use ACT! for Notes High Level Calendar Integration on your desktop your BizMobile activities appear in your Lotus Notes Mail.

Offline functionality.
Your BizMobile information is always available, even when you’re in out-of-coverage locations. And, using BizMobile offline is as simple as using it online – all of your changes are synchronized when you reconnect.

Speed dialing.
No need to memorize or look up telephone numbers – simply highlight a Contact choose CALL from the menu and select the desired number to call the related contact.

One-click email.
Quickly compose emails to contacts from views and Contacts with just one click.

Bookmark important documents for faster retrieval. The convenient Favorites feature allows you to create personalized list of the contacts, activities and other documents you use most, so you can quickly access them.

Integration with your BlackBerry phone.
Easily create and store BizMobile Activities from the phone calls you send and receive on your BlackBerry.

Integration with your BlackBerry E-Mail.
Bring E-Mails into BizMobile as Note documents.

Easily view related information.
The tab-driven interface simplifies navigation and organizes related information for faster access and review. Select any Contact and all of the related Activities, Opportunities and Notes are delivered right at your fingertips.

Automatically map an address with one click.
Need directions? Map any stored address in one-click with the BlackBerry built-in mapping tool or Google Maps.

Online and offline mobile data security.
Lease Key Technology protects your data, even when disconnected. And, if your BlackBerry is ever lost or stolen, system administrators can remotely lock access to the data.

Best of breed technology.
BizMobile is built on the leading mobile engine for CRM featuring a patented sync process that is 15 times faster than other synchronization technology, and patent-pending 10:1 compression technology stores 100MB data on just 10MB of device memory.

See a demo of BizMobile. Call 203-312-9675 or Contact Us.

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