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What is ACT! for Notes?

ACT! for Notes is the #1 selling relationship management application for Lotus Notes. It's the most complete solution for enabling your sales team to manage business relationships more effectively.

ACT! for Notes enables you to access detailed contact and customer information, manage calendars and activities, capture all customer communications, track opportunities through the sales process, and report on overall effectiveness.

Contact Management

  • Track complete customer data: contact details, notes, activities, documents, and new opportunities.
  • Track Name, Company, Phone, Address, Web site, E-mail, and ID/Status. Extra fields are provided to define your own.
  • Create Company Records and view a roll-up of notes, and opportunities tied to contacts at those companies.
  • Use the Groups feature to easily organize, communicate, and schedule with related contacts.
  • Create Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) documents from Contact data
  • Create notes, activity, and opportunity documents

Activity Management

  • Calendar Integration. Activites will appear in both the ACT! for Notes calendar and your Lotus Notes calendar. Changes in one will appear in the other.
  • Create an Activity, a set of Recurring Activites or a set of Activities from an Activity Series template.
  • Track customer correspondence for a history of all communications with a contact and its organization.
  • Write letters and other MS Office documents in ACT! for Notes using Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Select a group of contacts and perform a mail merge to a letter or e-mail.
  • Create, send, and track e-mail to/from contacts.
  • Bring e-mail from your Lotus Notes mail file into ACT! for Notes

Opportunity Management

  • ACT! for Notes enables you to track sales opportunities from initial inquiry. Use sales cycles customized to suit your specific needs and each product.
  • See sales opportunities and pipeline in a variety of Lotus Notes views
  • Generate instant quotes for any opportunity without having to re-key information using Microsoft Word or Excel. Convert them to PDFs and send them by e-mail
  • Use Microsoft Excel pivot tables to view graphical Sales Pipeline and drill down to see opportunity details.

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